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22nd edition — Tuesday 28 November 2023 at BNP Paribas Brussels

Winners 2023

The 2023 edition of the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports rewards two categories of prices : one awarded by a public vote for each of the two organizations' categories, and another one, which consists in two specific prizes awarded by the Jury.   

  • The “Best impact Sustainability Report” in each category of organization: the Jury short-listed nominees focusing on the impact of the reports for organizations (quantified KPI’s, comparison with peers, comparison over the years,…) . After a short presentation of their reports on the day of the ceremony, the public vote and designate the winners. 
  • Two specific cross-categories Awards selected by the Jury, with a special focus on specific criteria:   
    • The “Best 1st Sustainability Report", and  
    • The "Best Sustainability Report in Creativity & Originality”.
AR = Annual report
IR = Integrated report: it means a combination of the annual report and the sustainability report of the organisation
Other =
R website = Report on website
SR = Sustainability report

Winners Best Impact Sustainability Report

Nominees by the Jury for the Best Impact Sustainability Report

Winner Best First Sustainability Report

Best Sustainability Report in Creativity & Originality

Remarkable Reports

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