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21th edition — Tuesday 29 November 2022 at KBC Head Office (Brussels)

Winners 2022

The 2022 edition of the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports rewards two categories of prices : one awarded by a public vote for each of the three organizations' categories, and another one, which consists in four specific prizes awarded by the Jury.   

  • The “Best impact Sustainability Report” in two categories of organizations (Large and other): the Jury short-listed nominees focusing on the impact of the reports for organizations (quantified KPI’s, comparison with peers, comparison over the years,…) . The winners were designated by a public vote on the day of the ceremony, after a short presentation by the nominees. As for the SME's, the Jury directly selected the organisation as its reports really standed out.  
  • Four specific cross-categories Awards selected by the Jury, with a special focus on specific criteria:   
    • The “Best 1st Sustainability Report"  
    • Report with “Best SDG 2030 Agenda”  
    • Report with “Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement”, and  
    • Report with “Best Creativity & Originality".
AR = Annual report
IR = Integrated report: it means a combination of the annual report and the sustainability report of the organisation
Other =
R website = Report on website
SR = Sustainability report

Winners Best Impact Sustainability Report

Nominees by the Jury for the Best Impact Sustainability Report

Winner Best First Sustainability Report

Report with Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement

Report with Best Creativity & Originality

Report with Best SDG 2030 Agenda

Remarkable Reports