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21st edition — Tuesday 29 November 2022 at KBC Head Office (Brussels)


The Jury is made up of representatives of the academic world, economic actors, representatives of the social profit world and the public sector, as well as journalists and registered auditors. Since a few years, the winners of the previous editions have also accepted to participate in the Jury for the next edition and have all mentioned the enriching formula of such a process in term of mutual sharing of experiences.

    Sustainability reports are evaluated by the Jury in two phases:

    1) during the first phase (from mid-July to end Augustus), the received reports are distributed among the Jury members, in “sub-juries” per category of organization and evaluated using the Evaluation criteria. Based on this first assessment and after discussions and deliberations in a meeting, the Jury members short-list the reports that achieve the highest ratings:

    • in the three categories (large organizations, SME’s and other organizations’), for the “Best impact Sustainability Reports”;
    • cross categories for the “Best 1st Sustainability Report”; the “Best SDG 2030 Agenda”, the “Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement”; and the “Best Creativity & Originality

    2) during the second phase (from mid-September to mid-October), the Jury members read all reports coming out of the first phase and re-evaluate them based on the same criteria as those of the first phase. The outcome of the evaluations for this second phase is discussed in a second meeting of the Jury. In this meeting the Jury members choose :

    • a short list of 2 reports per category for the Best impact Sustainability Reports and
    • the winners of the “Best 1st Sustainability Report”, the “Best SDG 2030 Agenda”, the “Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement”; and the “Best Creativity & Originality".


    Composition in 2022



    Mr. Marc DAELMAN (registered auditor with IBR-IRE) – with an advisory vote

    Jury members:

    Pascale-Marie BARRIQUAND, Luminus (Winner 2020)
    Vanessa BIEBEL, FEB/VBO
    Lies BOUTEN, IESEG Management School
    Jo COBBAUT, FD Magazine
    Bie DE KEULENAER, MVO Vlaanderen
    Carlos DE SMET, Louvain School of Management
    Marie d’HUART & Serge DE BACKER, Cap Conseil
    Christel DUMAS, ICHEC
    Christian FERDINAND & Michiel MARTENS, Federal Public Service for Economy
    Deborah FISCHER, IBR-IRE
    Sophie HOOZEE, Universiteit Gent
    Sofian MILAD, IBR-IRE
    Kateryna PODKALENKO, Antwerp Management School (Winner 2020)
    Luc VAN LIEDEKERKE, Antwerp Management School
    Anouk VAN DE MEULEBROECKE, Slidingdoors
    Katherina WALLYN, FIDO/IFDD
    Ignace WILS, Olivia & Julius bvba