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Workshops 2022

5 December 2022: How does caring for the next generation motivate authentic sustainability in family businesses?

Available : Replay of the session  & slides of the intervention - in Dutch

Organised by: Anouk Van de Meulebroecke, Slidingdoors and
Luc Van Liedekerke, Professor Sustainability and Ethics, University of Antwerp

Panel: Anton Theunynck, TVH, Sandra de Kerckhove, Iris Group, Evelien Van Kemenade, Camino Group and Dieter Grimmelprez, Vanheede

Language: Dutch

Good corporate citizenship, community involvement, long-term thinking and accountability are usually synonymous with the family business. After all, family-driven businesses look beyond to future generations. These are also the building blocks for an authentic sustainability policy. What drives family businesses to measure and report their sustainability performance? How do family businesses deal with upcoming obligations around transparency and due diligence? How do they integrate sustainability into their business model, reporting and external verification? How do they create their sustainability dashboard? You will hear all about it from some of the leading family businesses that have embedded sustainability into their strategy and operations, ensuring a successful sustainable future.


13 December 2022: Corporate due diligence of the supply chain

Available (in English): 

Organised by: Katherina Wallyn, Experte Maatschappelijke Verantwoordelijkheid Federal Institute for Sustainable Development FIDO/IFDD and
Guido De Clercq, Transparency International Belgium

Panel: Kevin Verbelen, Senior Expert International Trade (Agoria), Marie Daeninck, Legal and Trade advisor (Fevia), Alexandra Loosen, RA Sr Specialist (JSR Micro NV) and Boris Verbrugge, KULeuven

Language: English

Sustainable development, in general, and corporate due diligence of the supply chain, in particular, become more and more the red tape in our business model. The panel will illustrate the implementation thereof, by reference to pilot projects at sector level, and tools for implementation at SME level.

10 January 2023: Interconnectivity between financial and sustainability reporting

Available (in English):

Organised by: Déborah Fischer, Réviseur d’entreprises, RSM and
Serge Pattyn, Financial Analyst and Business Consultant ABAF/BVFA

When: Tuesday 10 January 2023 (12.00 – 13.30)

Language: English

Financial reporting has come a long way and although there are always issues outstanding and things that need to be resolved, it is fair to say that the generally accepted frameworks that exist have quite a bit of credibility. 

The focus in corporate reporting has shifted in recent years because climate change and environmental degradation have become an existential threat to Europe and the world. Both the IFRS Foundation (via the ISSB) and Europe (via its so-called Green Deal that tries to mobilise at least €1 trillion in sustainable investments over the next decade) are finalizing overall reporting standards that are to govern sustainability reporting. 

Stakeholders and other concerned parties have already warned that to solve current reporting issues, we will have to make sure that there is connectivity between the financials on the one side and the sustainability topics on the other side. 

This leads us to ask what can “interconnectivity between financial and sustainability reporting” mean? How should this interconnectivity impact financial reporting as we know it? What should financial reporting say about  sustainability topics and how to measure the financial impact of sustainability issues?. 
Where and how would they add value for the users of financial statements? How will this translate in the upcoming reporting standards (IFRS and ESRS)?

Asking those questions is easy, answering them is much harder. Therefore, we would like to give some insights on this topical matter during this workshop.

16 January 2023: How to get started on sustainability reporting?

Available (in English):

When: Monday 16 January 2023 (12:00-13:30)

Language: English

The concept  
The newly adopted EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive obligates organizations listed on the EU regulated markets to report on their sustainability efforts as of 2024. As part of the EU Green Deal, this directive aims to increase transparency on the effects of organizations’ activities on the environment and society. But how do you start reporting on sustainability? And how can it merit your organization?

CIFAL Flanders, Deloitte and slidingdoors invite you to How to get started on sustainability reporting?

With a welcoming word of Peter Wollaert (CIFAL Flanders) and key-notes from Sofian Milad (Deloitte) about the new CSRD and the role of an Auditor, followed by the key-note of Katelijne Norga (Pantarein Publishing) on how to start reporting, we want to inspire all beginners or types of organizations who like to start with reporting. Via good practices you are offered insights to tackle difficulties and seek opportunities to draw inspiration from.

Get to know the key-note speakers:
Sofian Milad is a Partner at Deloitte and has 16 years of professional experience. Next to giving comfort on financial information, Sofian also leads the ESG Reporting and Assurance services and focuses on helping companies complying with the sustainability reporting requirements, on providing comfort on ESG information and on performing ESG due diligences.

CIFAL Flanders is a UNITAR-affiliated centre of expertise on the SDGs, offering trainings, project development and coaching.

In 1999, Anouk Van de Meulebroecke founded slidingdoors to help governments, companies and sector organizations find the value of CSR for them, their clients, their stakeholders and society. Small and large companies try to contribute to a more sustainable value chain and thus, during the panel debate, she will introduce some organisations that just started their sustainability reporting journey.

Katelijne Norga founded Pantarein in 2001, a consultancy agency specialized in ESG-reporting, with services as sustainability strategies and their implementation, materiality assessments, carbon roadmaps, impact measurements, reporting, storytelling and activation through training.


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