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Eligible organizations and Criteria
(code of participation)
The criteria and voluntary guidelines
> Process
1 IBR-IRE sends a a a a a a a a a a call to to participate in in the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability to to its network and spreads it it it it through the the organisations that support it it it it (The Shift Antwerp Manage- ment School Unizo UCM MVO Vlaanderen and and the the Belgian Chambers of Commerce) 2 Eligible organisations apply online by filling out the the applica- tion tion form All sustainability reports are published on on on on on on the the website on on on an ongoing basis 3 IBR-IRE staff conducts an an initial screening of the the the partici- pating organisations to ensure that they they meet the the the the the size criteria of of of the the the the the category of of of organisation organisation organisation for which they they applied applied In this year’s edition of of of the the the the the Awards 65 organisations applied applied in the the the the 4 categories withheld However the the the the “SMEs” category had to be withdrawn as there were not enough participants that that met the the the the the criteria The SMEs that that applied have therefore been reallocated to the the the the the “large” or or or or or or “other” organisa- tions tions categories Some organisations applied for for the the the the “Large listed listed listed & & PIEs category (falling under NFRD)” and had to to be reallocated into the the the “Large non-listed & & & not NFRD NFRD Large Large listed listed listed & & PIEs category” as they were below the the the the 500 employees and reversely Also note that the the the BEL 20 ESG companies are almost all participating in in 4 IBR-IRE staff appoints a a a a a a a a a Jury consisting of of several experts in in in in in the area of of sustainability and SDGs reporting 5 IBR-IRE IBR-IRE staff staff organises the the the evaluation process by the the the Jury in two phases In the the the first phase phase (September) IBR-IRE IBR-IRE staff staff allo- cates reports per size of organisations to to “sub-juries” Each Jury member evaluates in in in this first phase around 10 to to 12 reports using the the criteria based on the the Global Reporting Initi- ative (GRI) Standards and and developed by IBR-IRE (see below) 6 Based on this first assessment the the Jury meets to to to discuss and deliberate to to to short-list the the the top rated reports per category of of Awards for the the the second round round All Jury members (re)eval- uate all reports reports coming
out of of the the the first phase (around 12 reports) using the same criteria 7 Based on on this second assessment the Jury meets again in in in in October to to select winners and nominees 8 Nominees for for the the Awards for for Best Impact Sustainability Reports are made public prior to to the the event (end October) 9 Winners are announced publicly during the the the ceremony of the the the Awards (Tuesday 28 November 2023) Nominees have the the the the the opportunity to to to present their sustainability report to to to the the the the public who will vote to to to select the the the the “Best Impact Sustainability Report” in the the various categories of organisations > Methodology
1 1 Jury members are requested to to rate the the applications on on a a a a a a a a a scale from 0 0 (neutral/negative) to to to 10/25 (positive) by applying the the the evaluation criteria and identifying the the top selected initiatives 2 The Jury Jury acts on on an an ad honorem basis and follows the principle of of “independent” votes ensuring that Jury Jury members do not evaluate reports in in in in which they have a a a a a conflict of of interest 3 IBR/IRE staff compiles scores from all individual Jury Jury members and and shares the the the the results with the the the the Jury Jury Jury in in in in the the the the meet- ings ings to to enable the the the the Jury Jury to to discuss reports and and ratings > Evaluation Criteria
Originally an an environmental Award Award Award the the the Awards for for Best Belgian Sustainability Sustainability Reports evolved to to become a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a full Sustainability Sustainability Award Award Award for for which the the the the the evaluation criteria have largely been aligned to to the the the the the GRI Standards and and include the the the the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the the the the United Nations in in in in in in in in 2015 This year criteria already contain a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a link towards Corporate Sustainability Sustainability Reporting Reporting Directive (CSRD) and and European Sustainability Sustainability Reporting Reporting Standards to to to to to encourage organisations to to to to to move to to to to to double materiality or or to align with the ESRS Sustainability reports based based on on on on national national frameworks frameworks frameworks Union-based frameworks frameworks frameworks or or or or or or international frameworks frameworks frameworks are also also eligible to to the the Awards The purpose of of this initiative is is is also also to to put forward reports on on on the the basis of of one particular criterion not necessarily GRI-based It is is the the the the the belief of of of the the the the the Institute of of of Registered Auditors (IBR­IRE) that as as long as as the the the the the ESRS standards are are not into force the the the the the the application of of of the the the the the the GRI Standards on on on on on sustainability sustainability reporting with an an an an an an an important focus on on on on on on on the the the key sustainability sustainability issues and and on on on on on on on transparency will help companies make steps forward to integrated reporting on on on on on on all domains deemed material (eg economic social & & society environ- mental governance )
based upon their (internal & & external) stakeholders engagement Each report is evaluated against the the following sets of evaluation criteria (voluntary guidance given to the Jury) FOLLOW US ON LINKED IN IN 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 REPORT CONTENT & QUALITY
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