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         21st Edition
Tuesday 29 november 2022
                        Trends & Remarkable Reports
FEdition 2022
or over 20 years, the Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) has been highlighting Belgian organisations or organisations active in Belgium that publish information on their specificities in terms of Environment, Social and Governance disclosure (the “ESG” criteria).
In November 2022, this pioneering initiative was rewarded with a special nomination in the national category at ISAR honours 2022. ISAR is a Standing Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting
coordinated by UNCTAD. The ISAR Honours initiative aims to raise awareness and facilitate dissemination of national and interna- tional best practices on sustainability and SDG reporting.
We want to start by thanking the organisations that support us, especially the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO – IFDD), that helps us to promote this event year after year.
Thank you as well to KBC for hosting our event this year.
This year 47 organisations submitted a report. The 2022 partici- pating organisations are divided between 37 “large organisations” that are either listed or exceed two of the following criteria : 250 employees, €17m balance sheet total, €34m net turnover, and 10 “other organisations” which include “SMEs” that have less than 250 employees and organisations such as NGOs, non-profit organisa- tions, federations, schools or public institutions.
with the support of
     2022 Participating Reports
Previous Editions Winners
The Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports initiative aims: — to encourage organisations to report transparently on sustain- ability issues by promoting the integration of sustainability information, such as environmental, social and governance
(ESG) issues, into organisations’ reports;
— to raise awareness and facilitate the dissemination of best
practices on sustainability and SDG reporting in Belgium;
— to encourage external assurance of sustainable information by a registered auditor listed with IBR-IRE to enhance credi- bility and reliability of the organisations’ sustainability reports; — to increase the organisations’ awareness of the use of reporting on sustainability issues as a tool to help them engage in a transparent and effective dialogue with stake-
— to reward transparent, balanced and relevant communication
on sustainability.

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