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Edition 2020
    Nominees by the Jury for the “Best Impact Sustainability Report Awards” in the large and other organizations’ categories to be selected by the public on 26 January 2021
The Jury has selected two Large organizations and two Other organizations to participate in the competition for the Award “Best impact Sustainability Report”. The public will vote on Tuesday 26 January 2021 to select the two winners.
Large organizations
Lidl Belgium
The Jury appreciated this short and well-structured report with a nice lay out concerning targets and realisations and a good balance between positive performance and challenges the company is facing. It is also nice that the structure of the report follows the value chain. It has a good materiality and has been reviewed by external auditors. It is GRI based. There is a clear and strong link with SDG and targets.
The Jury encourages Lidl Belgium to improve the sustainability context and to elaborate more on the management structure. As already mentioned, Lidl Belgium could also make more links between its report and its website.
Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports
The Jury appreciated this very detailed report, always ahead in terms of strategic sustainability inclusion. The information concerning the decision-making process is well linked to sustain- ability and stakeholder challenges are well formulated. The report concerns positive and negative impacts. The report could be used to be compared to other actors within the same field. The report was reviewed by an independent panel.
It is a great example for a real integrated report (IIRC) and also compliant with other standards as GRI, TCFD, Global compact, etc.
The Jury encourages Solvay to compare its KPI’s to its peers and regrets that the length of the report might refrain the interest of the reader. More focus in the report might help to build a more concise report.
The Jury wants to congratulate Lidl Belgium and Solvay for their exemplary roles in terms of sustainability reporting and wishes them good luck for the competition: may the best win!
          Discover the Winner 2020 AVAILABLE AS FROM 26.01.2021

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