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Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement (Cross-categories)
The Jury decided this year to also reward the organization which best identified its stakeholders and took into account their reasonable expectations and interests.
The report of Luminus has been selected by the Jury for its “Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement” as the stakeholders’ dialogue is also evolving. The implication of stakeholders is linked to SDG and Luminus explains how they consult them. The key results of the consultation are highlighted and used in the report. The Jury further encourage Luminus to specify what will be done with the stakeholders’ feedback.
The Jury wants to congratulate Luminus for its report with the “Best Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Engagement”.
Best Creativity & Originality (Cross-categories)
To select the winner on this criterion, the Jury focussed on the overall readability, accessibility and appealing nature of the report, motivating the reader to further read the report.
The report of Lidl Belgium has been selected by the Jury for its “Best Creativity & Originality”.
The Jury appreciated the nice lay-out of this short report, focused on targets and realisations. It is a good balance between a short size report at one hand and completeness at the other hand. Progress are compared to target. It is easy to read, transparent and honest. The Jury encourages Lidl Belgium to make more links between its report and its website.
The Jury wants to congratulate Lidl Belgium for its report with the “Best Creativity & Originality”.
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