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Edition 2020
   Best Pioneering initiatives relating to the SDG 2030 Agenda
Five years after the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, a sound review of the reports from an SDG perspective appeared relevant. Therefore, this new category of price rewards organization which embedded SDG’s in their report, apart from the other “traditional” criteria. To highlight the importance of SDG 2030 Agenda and the good practices in this area, the Jury has decided to reward one organization in each of the three category:
In “Other organizations”, the report of City of Ghent because although this first report is not a real sustainability report, it is a good example to start mapping out the agenda 2030 as it is quite exhaustive on the matter. The Jury encourages City of Ghent to prioritize its actions, to make choices rather than inventorying the goals and to move towards a real sustainability report, following for example the GRI Standard.
In “Large organizations”, the report of KBC because it addresses all SDG’s with a special focus on some SDG’s, which are highlighted throughout the report. SDG’s are used to create KBC’s sustainability strategy and the materiality assessment has been conducted based on the SDG’s. KBC would gain in clarity if the aspect sustainability was covered in one report rather than in pieces in various reports.
Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports
  In “SMEs”, the report of Luminus as it is built on the SDG’s. Relevant SDG’s are indeed identified at the beginning of the report with related objectives and the materiality matrix is based on these objectives that are based on SDG’s. The Jury encourages Luminus to add concrete references to the SDG’s target.
The Jury wants to congratulate City of Ghent, KBC and Luminus as “Best Pioneering initiatives relating to the SDG 2030 Agenda”.

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