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Edition 2020
    Governance and ethics, still to improve: disclosure on human rights and anti-bribery issues is expected
Like in the last editions, the criterion on governance and ethics has been evaluated in average by the Jury members as one of the weakest dimensions in the two rounds . More transparency on the governance structure and on the composition of the related boards and/or committees is important to ensure the accounta- bility of the relevant bodies and individuals.
The Jury strongly advises organizations to describe in more detail their values, principles, standards and norms and internal and external mechanisms for seeking advice on ethical and lawful behaviour.
Good examples of transparency on governance structure and composition this year are to be found in the reports of KBC, Lidl Belgium, Solvay and UCB.
Remarkable reports on other criteria
The Jury particularly appreciated for their Creativity and Originality the report of The Skateroom which is artistic, in line with the organization and makes one curious about what they are doing and the report of Idelux whose original structure is quite innovative and the use of internet to have always a clear view on the structure.
The Jury was impressed this year by the Stakeholder Inclusive- ness and Engagement in the reports of Luminus and Solvay.
Good example focusing on the Impact of the Reports (i. e. quan- tified KPI’s, positive and negative aspects of the organization’s performance, comparison with peers, comparison over the years, setting of objectives/targets...) were this year the reports of:
KBC, Lidl Belgium, Proximus and Solvay in large organi- zations,
Antwerp Management School, Interafval, Blue Gate Antwerp Development and Service public de Wallonie (SPW) in other organizations and
EOC Group, Luminus and Vanheede Environment Group in SMEs.
Four reports also Overall Impressed the Jury for the extent to which these reports communicate to the declared target audiences: Idelux, KBC, Service public de Wallonie and Solvay.
Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports
First reports in this edition
The Jury would like to congratulate the organ- izations which entered into the sustainability reporting for the first time this year:
Antwerp Management School Blue Gate Antwerp Development Care Property Invest
City of Ghent
D’Ieteren Immo
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert
KU Leuven
Noord Natie Terminals nv Service public de Wallonie Sibelco
The Skateroom
The Jury particularly appreciated the first reports of Antwerp Management School, KU Leuven and Service public de Wallonie.

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