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Edition 2020
     Trends and evolutions in sustainability reporting and specific comments
of the Jury
Importance of sustainability
context & strategy, with clear linkage to the Sustainability Development Goal
As in the past edition, Sustainability context and strategy remains one of the best quoted criteria by the Jury (see Code of participation for the criteria). The Jury noticed a clear effort of organization in presenting their performance in the wider context of sustainability and a general strategic view of their sustainability, in order to provide context for subsequent, more detailed reporting. It is essential for organizations to mention the context they are facing, as information on performance should be placed in context.
In the evaluation, a special focus was made by the Jury on how organizations align their strategies as well as measure and manage their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.
A great example of mapping SDG’s can be found in the report of City of Ghent. However the Jury realizes that the SDG’s are indeed more designed in view of national, regional or city level of reporting.
According to the Jury, the following organization has well described the sustainability context, made clear links to the SDGs and included targets: KBC.
Other reports contained strong links with the SDGs, as for example the reports of Lidl Belgium, Blue Gate Antwerp Development and Luminus.
The Jury would like to mention the first report of KU Leuven as a good initiative in the sector, based on GRI, very clear and pleasant to read with clear link with SDG. The Jury hopes that other universities or schools will follow the path, making it possible to enter into a sector comparison.
Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports

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