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Institute of Registered Auditors
Stéphanie Quintart
The Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) is proud to celebrate this year the 20th edition of the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports. Originally, an envi- ronmental Award, it evolved to a full Sustainability Award for which the evaluation criteria have been
largely aligned to the GRI Standards. However, it is important to insist on the fact that reports on non-financial information relying on national frameworks, Union-based frameworks or international frameworks are also eligible to the Awards. The purpose of this edition is also to put forward reports on the basis of one particular criterion, not necessarily GRI-based.
Find more information on this edition :
The 51 participating reports 2020
Evaluation Criteria 2020
Code of participation 2020
Thank you to our supporting organizations: mainly the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO-FIDD), who each year helps us to promote this event.
Thank you to the Jury members who dedicated their time and energy to evaluate the organizations. Each edition, the winners of the previous edition are invited to participate in the Jury, to share their experience.
Mr Marc Daelman (registered auditor with IBR-IRE) – with an advisory vote
jury members
Mrs Natalia Agueros, Umicore, Mrs Vanessa Biebel, FEB/VBO,
Mrs Lies Bouten, IESEG Management School, Mrs Linde Brewaeys, HERW!N,
Mr Jo Cobbaut, FD Magazine, Mrs Saskia Crucke, Universiteit Gent,
Mr Guido De Clercq, Transparency International,
Mr Carlos De Smet, Louvain School of Management, Mrs Rein Dessers, Pro Natura, Mrs Celine De Weale, IBR-IRE, Mrs Marie d’Huart, Cap Conseil,
Mrs Christel Dumas, ICHEC, Mrs Eglantine Eeckhout, The Shift,
Mr Christian Ferdinand, Federal Public Service for Economy,
Mrs Deborah Fischer, IBR-IRE, Mr Kenny Frederickx, Forum ETHIBEL,
Mrs Sophie Hozee, Universiteit Gent, Mr Fernand Maillard, IBR-IRE,
Mr Marc Michils, Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker, Mr Serge Pattyn, ABAF/BVFA,
Mrs Anouk Van De Meulebroecke, Slidingdoors,
Mr Luc Van Liedekerke, Antwerp Management School,
Mr Bart Vercauteren, IBR-IRE and Mr Ignace Wils, Olivia & Julius bvba
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