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Edition 2020
   Concluding comments by the Jury
Today’s sustainability reporting landscape is complex and scattered through various reporting standards and frameworks. We welcome new initiatives towards a harmonized reporting standard and the standardization of well-designed sustainability KPI’s.
Although the Jury is aware of the high level of quality of the reports and efforts made especially in presenting their perfor- mance in the wider context of sustainability and a general stra- tegic view of their sustainability, it would like to encourage participants to keep on striving for further improvement of their reports, particularly in the following areas:
transparency on the governance structure and composition, describing their ethical charter, human rights and anti- bribery issues,
balancing the information provided to avoid too good news show,
benchmarking with other organizations and sector comparison and
(further) engaging in external assurance of non-financial information.
The ongoing participation in the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports proves that sustainable development is increasingly part of an organization’s business strategy. Moreover, upcoming regulatory initiatives will further increase the scope and level of sustainability reporting going forward. The organiza- tions participating in the Awards are already prepared for the new regulatory requirements in view of reporting of non-financial information or for increasing expectations from financial institu- tions or investors.
The Jury members congratulate all participating entities and encourage them to keep on establishing quality sustainability reports with clear reference to Internationally recognized reporting standards (eg. GRI, TCFD, IIRC, SASB...).
The Jury would like to stress once again the growing development of integrated or combined reporting and is very proud that some Belgian entities are increasingly moving towards integrated reporting. The Jury congratulates them in particular on their efforts in this respect.
Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports

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