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Other organizations
This category gathers different type of organizations which make it difficult to evaluate together as they pursue different objec- tives. However the following organizations have distinguished from the others:
Antwerp Management School
The Jury appreciated the very clear, honest and transparent first report of Antwerp Management School, with an elaborated and well-presented matrix linked to SDGs, balanced information and a clear GRI overview.
The Jury invites Antwerp Management School to be more specific on governance further develop the dialogue with external stake- holders and add an external verification to the report.
Service public de Wallonie (SPW)
As already mentioned in the comment as “First Sustainability Report”, the Jury appreciated the very clear and transparent report of Service public de Wallonie, which is well structured and contains links with SDGs. The consultation of all stakeholders, the detailed materiality process, the use of GRI with details on social aspects were also welcomed. The report includes 7 different SPW’s services which is a challenge.
The Jury encourages the Service public de Wallonie to further define the sustainable development issues and would appreciate a more frequent reporting than every three years. The Jury regrets that there has been no external verification of the report. The Jury would have preferred to discover the materiality process before the very end of the report
The Jury wants to congratulate Antwerp Management School and Service public de Wallonie for their exemplary roles in terms of sustainability reporting. The Jury wishes them good luck for the competition: may the best win!
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