20th edition
NEW DATE: Tuesday 26 January 2021, Head Office KBC Group, Brussels


The Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) is a professional organization which aims at coordinating the training and ongoing organization of a body of specialists capable of performing the function of registered auditor with every guarantee of competence, independence and professional integrity. The Institute attends to the accurate execution of the engagements entrusted to its members in accordance with the law. 

The goals of the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports are:

  • to stimulate organizations to report on their activities with regard to sustainable development and to propose guidelines on best practices in this respect;
  • to encourage external assurance of non-financial information by a registered auditor listed with IBR-IRE;
  • to increase organizations’ awareness of the use of reporting on sustainability issues as a tool to help them engage in a transparent and effective dialogue with stakeholders;
  • to boost integration of societal responsibility beyond organisations and to reward transparent and relevant communication on sustainable development.

The Awards 2020 are organised with the support of the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO/IFDD) and the event is hosted by KBC Group. The Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) would like to thank KBC Group for its welcome and the FIDO/IFDD, as well as The Shift, the Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (UNIZO), the Union of the Middle Classes (UCM), the Antwerp Management School (AMS), the Walloon Union of Companies (UWE), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Wallonia (CCI Wallonie), the Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (Beci), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eupen, Malmedy and Sankt Vith (IHK), MVO Vlaanderen and the Flemish network of enterprises (VOKA) for their cooperation and support to this initiative.

Jury 2020

The Jury is made up of representatives of the academic world, economic actors, representatives of the social profit world and the public sector, as well as journalists and registered auditors. Since a few years, the winners of the previous editions have also accepted to participate in the Jury for the next edition and have all mentioned the enriching formula of such a process in term of mutual sharing of experiences.


Mr. Marc DAELMAN (registered auditor with IBR-IRE) – with an advisory vote

Jury members:

Mrs Natalia AGUEROS, Umicore
Mrs Lies BOUTEN, IESEG Management School
Mrs Linde BREWAEYS, Samen Sociaal Tewerkstellen
Mr Jo COBBAUT, FD Magazine
Mrs Saskia CRUCKE, Universiteit Gent
Mr Guido DE CLERCQ, Transparency International
Mr Carlos DE SMET, Louvain School of Management
Mrs Rein DESSERS, Pro Natura
Mrs Celine DE WEALE, EY
Mrs Marie d’HUART, Cap Conseil
Mrs Christel DUMAS, ICHEC
Mrs Eglantine EECKHOUT, The Shift
Mr Christian FERDINAND, Federal Public Service for Economy
Mrs Sophie HOZEE, Universiteit Gent
Mr Igor LEFEBVRE, Elia
Mr Marc MICHILS, Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker
Mr Dieter VANDER BEKE, Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO – IFDD)
Mrs Anouk VAN DE MEULEBROECKE, Slidingdoors
Mr Gert VAN EECKHOUT, MVO Vlaanderen
Mr Luc VAN LIEDEKERKE, Antwerp Management School
Mr Ignace WILS, Olivia & Julius bvba